The Project

Cressimo: The Legend of Toa is a webcomic produced by Dyadactic Media.
The webcomic updates 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). We will release 100 full color pages by the end of June 2012.
The Legend of Toa is part of the Cressimo franchise which includes:

  • The IRF Handbook, an iPad Application coming in Spring 2012
  • Facebook
  •, an interactive website coming in Spring 2012
  • Age of the Felu, an animated short film coming in Spring 2012
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Cressimo is a habitable dwarf planet, located in the Teres galaxy. In the past, it was made up of 3 kingdoms: The Felu Kingdom, the Bala kingdom and the Haronavusi kingdom.

Presently (2012 AP), it is divided into 7 states. Cressimo is ecologically and geologically very much like the planet Earth.

The Modern Cressimian Calendar

BP means Before Platanus it is one of the designations used to label the years in the modern Cressimian Calendar.

Anno Platanus is the year of Platanus, denoting the year of Platanus' birth in the modern Cressimian Calendar.

The modern Cressimian calendar corresponds to the Gregorian Calendar of Earth.


Platanus Prunus is a Cressimian martyr. He was known for his crusade to end the bloody wars among the seven states of Cressimo. He succeeded at the cost of his life. After his death, he became a god-like figure among the Cressimians.





Male, age 22 years (300,000 BP). Toa is a member of the Felu tribe in Cressimo. Toa is the eldest of 3 children in his family. He was 15 when his parents were killed by leopards, since then he took on the role of parent to his siblings, Lily and Little Ash. He did not have too much trouble raising them because of the support he received from his community, the Felu tribe.


Female, age 12 years  (300,000 BP). Lily is a member of the Felu tribe in Cressimo. She is Toa's younger sister. Lily is cautious and emotional.

Little Ash

Male, age 10 years (300,000 BP). Little Ash is a member of the Felu tribe in Cressimo. He is the youngest of Toa's siblings. He is mischievous and very curious, his curiosity often lands him in a lot of trouble.


Female, age 21 years (2012 AP). She comes from a wealthy family of lawyers in Cressimo. She moved to Angel City to make it on her own steam instead of living off of her family's wealth.  She is independent, strong-willed and a gadget lover. She has a big heart. She studies Psychology at Angel University.

Mani & Telson


Mani & Telson was founded in 1886 AP.  From its inception, adaptation and evolution have been the major motivator and influenced the company into playing an integral part in the creation of a more accessible and informed world through our commitment to building and maintaining transportation and information infrastructure.  Most recently, Mani & Telson has evolved into a multinational conglomerate which aims to provide Western Cressimo with the highest quality goods and services in the markets of consumer electronics, personal & household products, and food production & distribution.

In 2025 AP, Mani & Telson’s then tiny R&D faction completed its first working time machine. The time machine gave them an advantage over their competition. When Cressimo’s  environment reached it’s tipping point, with global warming, mass animal extinction, extreme air, land and water pollution, Mani & Telson was there with all the solutions. They slowly put their competition out of business or acquired them. They expanded rapidly and soon become the sole company Cressimo’s governments relied on for supply. By 2071, they were a mega monopoly, producing and supplying everything in a time where demand far exceeds supply.


Male, age 50 (2072 AP). Alex is the head of Mani & Telson's R&D department in the Future (2072 AP).



Male, age 23 (2072 AP). Ted is a scientist in Mani & Telson's R&D department. He is exceptionally smart.